Bobbins That Work

One of the biggest issues with sewing machine users is bobbin “puke”, as one student called the rat’s nest of thread that developed in and around her bobbin case of her sewing machine. One important thing to understand is that not all bobbins fit your specific sewing machine.

Power Surge CAUTION!

We had a huge thunder and lightening storm last night!  If you’re like me, rain makes perfect weather for reading or sewing.  If you have a sewing machine that has a computer “brain”, you need to remember to use a power surge protector that grounds your precious sewing machine. What a SHOCK it would be […]

Look Mom! “No Feet”

Sewing machines have morphed over time, becoming more user friendly. Machines have gone from the hand crank, which made fabric control difficult, limiting a sewer to one helping hand. Treadle machines gave both hands back to sewers and also gave them a good work out, vigorously pumping with the feet to power the machine. Treadle machines […]

Those funny dots on fabric edges!

Have you ever marveled at those dots on the edge of decorator or home sewing fabric?  Well here is a clue to what they mean! When selecting fabric for a project, you may find printed information on the selvage edge of fabric.  (Selvage:  The self-finished edge caused by the weaving of the fabric.  A raw […]

Easy To Thread Sewing Machine Needles

Helping us sew As a sewing instructor I have a large spectrum of ages and abilities of sewing students.  There are sewing aids to help with some of the basic physical problems for sewing machine users. – – – – – – – -Easier to thread sewing machine needles – – – – – – […]

A window into my childhood sewing room

My ears are always open when I sew.  As a young girl sitting upstairs on warm summer Southern California days at my mom’s Necchi Sewing machine, I listened to the radio. Arthur Godfrey (Arthur Godfrey Time, 1960-72) was one audible window to my world.   I adored the voice of  Kate Smith; she had a […]

Sewing Tip #1: Thread your Needle with Ease!

Thread has a nap* and we are supposed to thread the needle with the tail that comes off the spool. Use 18″-23″ of thread. If you want to sew with a doubled thread: Instead of folding the thread in half and knotting the two tails, cut a second length of thread and feed the two […]