Power Surge CAUTION!

We had a huge thunder and lightening storm last night!  If you’re like me, rain makes perfect weather for reading or sewing.  If you have a sewing machine that has a computer “brain”, you need to remember to use a power surge protector that grounds your precious sewing machine. What a SHOCK it would be […]

Those funny dots on fabric edges!

Have you ever marveled at those dots on the edge of decorator or home sewing fabric?  Well here is a clue to what they mean! When selecting fabric for a project, you may find printed information on the selvage edge of fabric.  (Selvage:  The self-finished edge caused by the weaving of the fabric.  A raw […]

Easy To Thread Sewing Machine Needles

Helping us sew As a sewing instructor I have a large spectrum of ages and abilities of sewing students.  There are sewing aids to help with some of the basic physical problems for sewing machine users. – – – – – – – -Easier to thread sewing machine needles – – – – – – […]

Sewing Tip #1: Thread your Needle with Ease!

Thread has a nap* and we are supposed to thread the needle with the tail that comes off the spool. Use 18″-23″ of thread. If you want to sew with a doubled thread: Instead of folding the thread in half and knotting the two tails, cut a second length of thread and feed the two […]