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Easy Way To Transfer Embroidery Design Pattern Items needed: Design you wish to embroider by hand. I googled images to select one and printed it out in the size I desired) Fabric of choice (I tend to use fine muslin, or linen fabrics) Embroidery...

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Make Easy Grip Sewing Washer Weights Sewing weights are wonderful tools for arranging and holding your patterns on fabric.  They allow making adjustments easy, since pins are not used to secure the pattern to the fabric. There are...

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Mark With Ink And Remove With Heat I was introduced to this pen at a Quilt Show.  Marking fabric is always something I am interested in, so I had to own a few of these pens     Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pens,...

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Latch Hoop Fabric Tube/Strap Turner There are a number of fabric turners and methods.  I was just at a quilt show where one was being sold upwards of $50. Yes, people have used little safety pins and cord to turn fabric tubes, but this...

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Seam Rippers, YES there are different kinds and they... Robert Kaufman Fabric   Seam rippers are a new sewers handy dandy tool.  The seam ripper does just what the name says, it rips out the mistaken sewing stitches.  Over the years methods...

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I has been sewing since I was 7 years old. I’ve learned lots by trial and error! When my parents saw how passionate about sewing I had become, they enrolled me in the Singer Sewing School. I went on to college to get degrees in Consumer and Family Studies (Home Economics), Education and Interior design.

I have taught thousands of classes to pre-teens, teens and adults. I have no idea how many garments I’ve constructed or how many miles of stitches I’ve sewn! I do know that I have literally worn out several sewing machines!

It is my desire to pass on skills to future generations to keep the “art” of sewing alive!

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I was delighted to read your post that were mentioned in a Threads email today. Not only was it well done, but I too am a sewing teacher (retired) named Kathleen!

Happy Sewing,
Kathleen Worthington

Thank you for the visit! Happy stitches to you, too!


Kathleen, I cam across my grandmother old Necchi sewing machine while cleaning out a storage room. I have been trying to determine which model it is. I searched the internet images and it brought me to the image on your site. Can you tell me which model you have posted? Thank you.

I’ve just discovered your web site and am enjoying it very much! Nicely done! Is there a way to sign up to be notified when you publish something new?

For other readers, Kathleen was my “home ec” teacher in hi school in the early 70’s and inspired me to pursue it at the college level as well. She is still an inspiration!

I don’t have the update option. I should look into getting that. I’m so glad you visited my page. I am always so proud of you when I see your posting 🙂

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