Covered Snaps

I have always been a big fan of covered snaps to give a garment a classy/custom finish!  Threads Magazine has a tutorial on it .  I have an additional technique to assist while doing the sewing.  Little snaps are difficult to hold onto when covering, so I use a 3×5 index card to hold my snaps while I sew the covering over the snap.

These picture show a hint on helping you accomplish a beautiful covered snap!

1. Cut the fabric you are going to use to cover the snaps, and prep with centered holes to pierce with the snap male part.  Also make a hole in the 3×5 card.

2.  Sandwich as follows.  female 1/2 of snap, fabric, card, fabric, male snap.  Snap together. (I do some trimming at this point for better control).

3.  Run gathering stitch around the snap, pull up threads and finish as the magazine shows.

Happy Beautiful Finishes!

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  1. I have a question about attaching the snaps once they are covered. Do you sew the fabric covering to the garment, catching invisibly around the edge? Or do you use your needle to find the holes in the snap through the fabric covering and sew it to the garment the same way that you would if it weren’t covered? It seems to me the first way looks more elegant, but the second way, more secure. Is there a third, better way?

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