Mad Men Style for Halloween Date!

My daughter-in-law loves the styles in Mad Men.  She asked if I would make her a “vintage dress” to wear to their Halloween party.  Of course I was thrilled to do this for her.  She purchased the very vintage pattern from ebay and I went through my stash of fabric and supplies and came up with this creation.  We changed the first button selection to some 4 petal flowers I had in my collection, and I added a placket down the front to set off the buttons.  Also, I found some “vintage” cording in my trim supply and added that to set off the details of the dress.

Notice the very vintage side placket closed top zipper. The design lines on the zipper illustration have lots in common with the actual pattern used!

Pocket detail, cording shows off the top of the pocket edge (sleeves and neckline) much more than leaving the top plain.

Finished dress before delivery

The happy “vintage” couple!  (These gloves were my mom’s.  I remember being amused trying them on in church!)


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