Those funny dots on fabric edges!

Have you ever marveled at those dots on the edge of decorator or home sewing fabric?  Well here is a clue to what they mean!

When selecting fabric for a project, you may find printed information on the selvage edge of fabric.  (Selvage:  The self-finished edge caused by the weaving of the fabric.  A raw cut edge, cut at a fabric store, goes across this selvage on both sides of yardage)

This printing tells several things.

Often the name of design, year it was put into the marketplace, who manufactured the fabric, and then the “color dots” (color ways).  Designers who work with fabrics use these color clues.  Each of these dots will tell you the exact colors used in this fabric.

Decorators will use these colors to help with color selections for a project.  Sewers can use these colors for selection of other fabrics and notions needed to complete a project.  The selection of commercial bias tapes colors was huge with lots  of greens and yellows to select from, this required I have the color “dots” which were the key to selecting the exact color of trim needed.

Oh, and what in the world am I making from broccoli print fabric?

I am going to draft a vintage apron and attempt to make it!

To see it, check back later.

Happy Stitching – – – – – –

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