Make Easy Grip Sewing Washer Weights


Sewing weights are wonderful tools for arranging and holding your patterns on fabric.  They allow making adjustments easy, since pins are not used to secure the pattern to the fabric. There are just two down sides to washer weights; they can get lost in the folds of fabric, and they are not fingernail friendly. So I created these little sewing notions.

Here is what is needed to make these weights.

  • A collection (I like to use the same size and brand) plastic easy off juice bottle lids.
  • Super glue, used for plastic and metal
  • Washer the same size as the bottom of the lid
  • Protective paper for your work surface
  • Acetone nail polish remover (for finger clean up)

I use the “Simple” brand juice lids (get friends to save them for you, too!) since they have a nice grip sides. They also have a sweet “S” on them which says “sewing” to me. (Of course any plastic lid can be used.) Remove any stickers then wash/dry well.


Measure the bottom of the lid to make sure you get the correct washer size from your local hardware.


Notice washers are little different on each side. Feel with your fingers, you will find one side a little smoother/rounded on the edges.  This smoother side is NOT the side you want to glue to your lid.  This smoother side is what you want to touch your fabric, since it is more fabric friendly.



Place protective paper on work surface, and have lids upside down, and washer set so you know each good and bad side. (You may wish to note the bad side with a sharpie “x”, if needed).

Working fast place a thin line of glue all around the edge, it may be hard to see.


Using your fingers, hold through the center of the washer and place evenly centered over glued edge and press in place then leave alone for about 10 minutes. Quickly move on to your next lid, since glue dries fast. (I used single use tubes of glue, which allowed me to make about two at a time from each tube.) Centering is what gets glue on your skin and you will need to remove excess with acetone when done. Don’t make these when your nails are polished!



Voila! You have just created a new user friendly sewing tool without spending a lot of money!



Happy Sewing
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