Mark With Ink And Remove With Heat

I was introduced to this pen at a Quilt Show.  Marking fabric is always something I am interested in, so I had to own a few of these pens

Gel Pens



Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pens, Fine Point are what I am talking about.  They come in a variety of colors (check out Amazon). Not just any gel pen will do what these pens will do.  They are sensitive to heat and cold.  This is important to know when using them.

Tracing with gel pen

Here I have taped fabric to a pattern to a window and I’m using the fine tip gel pen to traced a design to be embroidered by hand. They could be used for marking almost any type of pattern markings.

The interesting thing is these inked lines will go away with heat.  Below I have drawn a simple flower then I removed the bottom half with a warm iron.

Gel Pen drawing before heat

    Gel Pen Ink removed with heat

A word of caution, leaving a gel marked fabric in a hot car or in any place where it is subjected to heat can cause your markings to leave.  Some markings can be restored by placing it in a freezer for a few minutes…but I would not depend on this, if I didn’t have to.

Try these, you may love having them in you stash of tools.

HINT:  Try to store any liquid pens used for marking in a zip lock bag to give the pens an extra layer of protection from air that could dry them out.

Store Gel Pens

Happy Sewing

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