Latch Hoop Fabric Tube/Strap Turner

There are a number of fabric turners and methods.  I was just at a quilt show where one was being sold upwards of $50. Yes, people have used little safety pins and cord to turn fabric tubes, but this little tool hangs on my cork board in my sewing room, and I find this tool handy and affordable.  Just a few things need to be considered when using it.

This is a Dritz Loop Turner, it sells for less than $5. and is 9.5” long.


Hoop Tuner 1

How to use:

Sew you tube along cut edge, no need for any fancy stitcing at either end of your tube, you may wish to back stitch at the ends.  Just remember to have rights side of fabric facing each other when sewing. Trim you seam edge if wider than the finished tube/strap desired.


Open the latch before inserting the turner into your tube.


When you reach the other end of your tube, allow the latch to poke through the fabric or stitched side about 1/4” from the end.


Close the latch, which locks the 1/4” end of the fabric into the hook.


Start Gently for the fibrin to start folding into the tube.  Once it gets started keep a steady pulling action, not pushing the turner back up.

Once the latched end begins to show, you can remove the turner and finsih pulling the tub/strap with your fingers.


Remember to store this tool safely since it is thin and could easily bend or get lost.

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