Thread breaks when sewing!

Broken Thread

One of the most frustrating things which happens when you’re sewing with your machine is when the thread breaks! Not only does it slow you down, but sometimes, decorative stitches being created have to be removed back to a good starting point, before you can continue.

If the problem persist here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Are you using the correct size needle for the size of thread. Remember there is a grove that runs down the back side of your needle that must be large enough for the thread to fit in when it travels with the needle. You can check for this if the thread passes easily through the eye of the needle. If these are not compatible, you will have to change one to create a fit.
  • Look at the quality of your thread. Less expensive thread may seem like a good “value” but if you inspect it you may find slubs, knots or kinks which cause of like of uniformity. Thread weakens as it ages and dust that may have accumulated on the threads.
  • Check to make sure the needle is inserted correctly, sharp and tightened well in place.
  • You have threaded the machine incorrectly? Remove all the thread and rethread.
  • Feel with your finger, while the machine is turned off, for any rough nicks on the metal parts of your machine where the needle travels. Sometime nicks are created when there is a broken needle and can cause future threads to be caught and cut on the nicks. You may need to purchase a new throat plate or parts of the bobbin case, or have the nicks filed down to smooth.
  • Check for correct tension. Remember the tighter the tension, the more it holds the thread tighter… too tight it will break.
  • Check for lint build up, especially under and around the throat plate, remove it!
  • If you have checked out all these things and your thread continues to break, you machine may need to be serviced.


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