Bridesmaid Dresses


The now famous “infinity” style dress was the style my daughter selected for her wedding.  I flew back to Memphis where we made 4 in one day.  There are few (2 seams) and a little elastic attached, and that is all one uses a sewing machine to accomplish.  No hems or handwork needed!  My daughter did all the sewing and I helped with cutting and the pins!  The trick is in the cutting and then how each maid selects to tie her dress.  There are an abundance of youtube clips on how this can be done.  This picture is of my beautiful daughter in law and the grand girls!

The fabric is a four way stretch from Designer Alley Fabrics.  This was a wonderful online store, and very helpful.  I recommend getting swatches for accurate color and “‘hand” (feeling/thickness) of the fabric.  They get a big gold star from me!




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